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Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha is the powdered form of Tencha tea leaves.

The difference between Matcha and Green tea powder can be confusing. The difference  comes down to what kind of tea leaves are used and how they are prepared. Matcha is the powdered form of the shade-grown Tencha tea leaves, while Green Tea Powder is made from the sun-grown (Sencha) tea leaves.

This shading process, important in Matcha production, results in high levels of Theanine, a type of amino acid, that remains in tea leaves and gives a full-bodied Umami-rich sweetness.

Matcha is categorized in two types, ceremonial and culinary. As its name suggests ceremonial grade Matcha is used in the green tea ceremony. All of our Matcha are ceremonial grade and comes in four designations within that premium level.



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