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Ceremonial Matcha The Best 30g (1oz)

$31.50 USD
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This is our top ceremonial grade, luxury Matcha. 

The tea used to produce this highest-grade Matcha green tea powder meets many rigorous quality tests, and only the finest of the crop makes its way into this Matcha. 

We are sure this Japanese Matcha Tea will meet all your expectations. This luxury green tea powder has a silky smooth texture, delicate aroma, depth of flavor and sweetness. This ceremonial grade tea can be used to serve both the Koicha thick tea and the more common thin matcha called Usucha, To make the thick tea, one uses double the amount of the tea, and that requires high-quality tea to avoid the tea becoming bitter. 

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Good for Koicha, wonderful for Usucha serving. Produced from the highest quality tea plants. 

Produced in Nishio, Aichi prefecture

1.5 - 2g (1/2 tsp) / 3oz / 80-70°C (176-158°F) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sweet Tasting Not Bitter Macha

We love this Macha and order it frequently. It doesn't taste bitter like many others do. It has a mild slightly taste we find delicious.

Stewart Skiba
Ceremonial Matcha The Best 30g (1oz)?

very good. Smooth tasting