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Organic Sencha SaeMidori E 80g (2.82oz)

$17.25 USD
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In recent years, we have introduced extensive cultivars of organic Sencha.  Cultivars are plant varieties that have been produced in cultivation by selective breeding. There are many cultivars and every cultivar has unique taste profile.

A green tea cultivar, Sae-Midori means “clear green” that has come to be greatly appreciated by tea lovers.  Its liquor is a gorgeous green and its flavor is deep and pleasant. Full of sweetness, the taste lingers in the mouth,

First flush, Sae-Midori cultivar, Medium steamed from Kagoshima

4g (1 ¼ tsp) / One cup / 85-70°C (185-158°F) /30-60 sec / brew up to 3 times