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About Chado Tea House, our Company and Store


Established in 2005, we are the premier source for all of your Japanese tea needs. Our dedication to Japanese tea has enabled us to work with many of the most reputable tea farms in Japan.

We never cease looking for tasty Japanese teas for our customers. There are many tea estates within Japan, each with its own flavor and specialty. We taste and test each one to ensure the best product for you. Unlike many other Japanese tea stores, our selection is not limited to one tea estate or growing area. Because the specialty of each tea estate varies, we draw our products from multiple areas.

Our high quality tea products and services should meet and exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a basic selection of high-quality tea, you should look to our Chado Classic series, which has the highest grade of standard Japanese green tea. We set our standards very high, so that you will be pleasantly surprised every time. Our passion is to bring to you the most premium, rare, and seasonal teas, and we often have new teas to offer you. All of our teas arrive monthly to ensure that you are giving you the freshest Japanese green tea!


We hope our online store is also a source of Japanese tea knowledge and information, on how to prepare, store and savor Japanese tea.

We provide the best Japanese teas available in the market, we try to guide you to be successful in brewing Japanese tea. If you are already a connoisseur, that is great, but if we can help you become one, we hope we can help.

We strive to be the best place to buy Japanese green tea online.

We carefully monitor inventory to avoid overstock situations. New shipments arrive every month, and we store our inventory in temperature-controlled conditions to maintain freshness.

We have an extensive selection of fine Japanese Green Teas. If you enjoy Sencha we many to chose from. If Matcha is your preference, we have ceremonial-grade Matcha teas and tea that is ideal for Matcha Latte. Gyokuro, The Emperor of green tea, Genmaich for its roasted flavor, and Hojicha, which has a roasted flavor but is low-caffeine. We aim to cover all your needs when it comes to Japanese Tea.

We listen. We very much appreciate customer feedback, so feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions.


There are many Japanese tea shops, however many of them are limited to one or two producing regions, their selection is limited as a result. In comparison, our company only purchases the very best tea from several tea farms in many regions, including multiple farms in Shizuoka and Kyushu, and in the deep south of Japan including Kagoshima, Yame, Ureshino and many more.


Our Chado Classic line is our standard selection for those looking for a casual, everyday tea which exceeds expectations! We set our standards high to ensure the best products with the best prices! Our specialties are seasonal, premium and rare teas. We review our selection to ensure that we always have the perfect tea for the perfect season.


We are very proud of our teas, and would always like to hear from you on your experience. Please let us know on the contact page.