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Hojicha Roasted Green Tea NISHIO Classic 100g (3.5oz)

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Hojicha is known for its mellow, nutty flavor with a toasty aroma. Hojicha is roasted at high temperatures after the leaves have been steamed. This process alters the leaf color from green to a reddish-brown appearance. The roasting process also burns out tannin and caffeine; the longer the roasting process, the less tannin and caffeine remain in the tea.  We offer three Hojicha roasting tea and this Hojicha Nishio Classic is at the medium roasting level.  See all other Hojicha teas.

Second and third flushes produced in Nishio, Aichi prefecture.

The roasting process not only imparts a warm, toasty flavor but also significantly reduces bitterness, making Hojicha Nishio Classic a milder and more palatable option. The subtle notes of caramel and a hint of smokiness add to its appeal, making it a comforting and satisfying beverage. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with meals, hojicha tea from Nishio provides a distinctive and memorable tea-drinking experience.

4g (3-4tsp) / One cup / 95°C (203°F) /30 sec / brew up to 2 times     

More Details on Hojicha


A mild, gentle roasted green tea

Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green, notable for its low amounts of caffeine. The major difference between this tea and others is that, instead of being steamed, it has been roasted. This process creates a unique tasting profile. It gives it a nutty, toasty flavor and aroma. Unlike most other Japanese teas, the color of the liquor is brown due to it being toasted. Hojicha is one of the classic Japanese green teas.

Hojicha is usually made from bancha but sometimes sencha.

This roasting process reduces the caffeine and tannin content, creating a mild, lower-caffeine alternative for children, the elderly and those who are sensitive to caffeine. For Hojicha, it is recommended that you use close to boiling water (95°C) and a short brewing time. Ready in 15 seconds, this tea has a nutty flavor and a pleasant aroma. This tea is usually the first tea that Japanese babies drink. This is a good, tasty tea that must be tasted.

We are often asked what hojicha tea tastes like and the best way to describe it is that it has a mild, sweet taste with a delicate smokey flavor.



Hojicha Tea from Chado Tea House

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Mark Hui
Good Tea does not Break the Bank

Excellent tea for any time of the day. Great toasty notes. Good tea that doesn't break the bank