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Sencha is the fully sun-grown variety of Japanese green tea. It is the most common and popular variety of green tea in Japan. Sencha accounts for 60% of all Japanese Green Tea production.

Sencha is often categorized by the processing method - by how long the tea is steamed for. Asamushi is steamed for the shortest time, followed by Chumushi (medium steamed) and Fukamushi, which is steamed for twice as long as Asamushi. The steaming process stops oxidation of the tea. After steaming the tea is then rolled and shaped.

Brewed tea color is related the length of steaming time; the longer the steaming process the darker the tea becomes as the leaves becomes more powdery.

Sencha green tea became popular in the eighteenth century although is was known in parts of Japan dating back to eighth century. We carry many types of Sencha Tea and work with our suppliers and farmers in Japan to find new and interesting varieties.

Japanese Sencha tea


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