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Chado Articles on Japanese Tea and Past Newsletters

Tea Topics.

The Wonderful World of Tea
Part 1 - Tea Plants Varieties, Cultivars and Terroirs


News from Chado Tea House.

June 2022 Newsletter
Gyokuro the shaded tea star.

May 2022 Newsletter
Shincha 2022 has arrived and we look at two sample products.

April 2022 Newsletter 
All about Mecha, Look back at a Great Sakura Days and Shincha is soon.

March 2022 Newsletter
Classic and Organic Benifuuki, Kamairi Pan-fried Sencha Kiiro and Sakura Days are back.

February 2022 Newsletter
Sencha White Leaf, Sencha Toki-no-Kura and Valentines Day.

January 2022 Newsletter
Organic Japanese Herbal Tea and an Organic Fermented Tea.