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Japanese Green Tea Bag

Convenience without sacrificing flavor - unlike our loose-leaf tea, our high quality tea bags do not require one to find the perfect temperature or brewing time to produce a very enjoyable and refreshing drink. Our Japanese Green tea bags work for hot water, cold brew or both.  When the tea leaves are processed, compared to loose-leaf tea, they are steamed for a longer time and cut into smaller pieces so that they work with the triangular bags.  No extra colors or flavors are added - this is still 100% pure green tea leaves.   All of our tea bags are triangular shaped for better brewing and come packed in a re-sealable zip lock package for convenience.


Japanese Green Tea Bag


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Can tea made from tea bags be as good as loose leaf?

We drink a lot of Japanese green tea here at Chado Tea House. We each have our favorites. We have several tea pots that have been acquired over the years and they get regular use for our loose-leaf teas.

That does not mean we do not use tea bags because the taste is good and the quality of the tea produced is high.

Tea bags were introduced in about 1900. Over the years tea bags became more and more popular especially amongst black tea drinkers. Around 1996 the triangular tea bag was developed and this did a few things that helped with their use in green tea preparation.

The first was that the tea in triangular tea bags has more room to move and work with the water to produce a good brew. The other benefit is that because the bag is larger and the sides not opaque it is possible to see the qulaity of the tea in a particular bag and to purchase accordingly.

Some producers put poor quality tea into tea bags - we do not. Some producers put tea dust into the tea bags - we do not.

Our tea bags are high quality bags and contain high quality tea. Our tea bags offer convenience and taste and we are confident in their quality.

We know because we use them and we are quite picky when it comes to the tea we like to drink.