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What our customers have to say!

Deborah K, Indiana, USA

"Until I found Chado Tea House online, I never knew how truly wonderful green teas could be. Chado Tea House has fabulous teas, ranging from excellent everyday teas to superb premium teas, and everything in between. I love trying new teas from them with each order, and also have my favorites I order again and again. Their teas make each morning a time I look forward to with pleasure.

I’ve been ordering from Chado Tea House regularly for several years, and their customer service has always been exceptional!”

M Gibson, Ontario, Canada

"I have so many good things to say about my experience as a customer of Chado Tea House. They have detailed knowledge about the teas they sell, and have always been able to answer my questions whether it be about the flavour of a tea I am interested in, storage and preparation of the tea, the farm of origin of the tea and more. I also appreciate their excellent customer communication and ease of use of their website and online ordering process. I love opening my order when it arrives as it is always beautifully packaged and presented. I highly recommend Chado Tea House!

Faith V Arizona USA

"I am so grateful that I came across Chado Tea House many years ago. I begin each morning with a cup or two of Sencha or Gyokuro, and theirs is the best. While I have mostly settled on a few favorites in these two categories, I often check out the website for the enticing and informative descriptions of the seasonal teas they have discovered each year, tempting me to try something new.

I've never been disappointed! The customer service is also exceptional. Delivery is very quick and the few times that I've had a question, their response has been immediate, personal, and always helpful. I highly recommend Chado Tea House to anyone who wants to savor a superior Japanese

Sandy K. Indiana USA

'I wanted to say, as always, it's excellent!!! Thank you, and I'm sure to be back again soon. 8-)

Jay O. British Columbia Canada

'I just wanted to write to tell you that over the weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy all three of the teas I bought from you, and to thank you.
I began with the Autumn Sencha and when I brought the cup to my nose it reminded me of the odor of sencha that I have been looking for, for years, but have been unable to find. What a lovely tea!
They were all very delicious. Thank you!

Stefan W. Germany

''Thank you very much for your great customer service. Shopping with you is always a pleasure and I am so glad we can still enjoy your tea despite our move to Germany :-)"

Ed O. British Columbia Canada

'Chado Teahouse is an excellent centre for Japanese green teas. All the teas are of high quality, with an interesting selection which has much character and reflects their enthusiasm for Japanese teas. I particularly appreciate they have several organic teas.
Service is always friendly and informative. I'm so glad I found Chado Teahouse - wonderful tea and great people!