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Currency Selection and Discounts available at Chado Tea House

Currency Option

This site is programmed to display product prices and shipping rates in US dollars.

Because we are a Canadian company, however, for the convenience of our Canadian customers, we offer the option of price display and charge in Canadian dollars. Simply use the currency switcher located at the top right/footer of the website to easily switch between USD and CAD.

#1 Buy 5 and Get 5% Discounts

Buy any five items or more and your whole shopping cart receives a 5% discount.

#2 Buy 10 items and Get one Free!

Buy any 10 items or more, regardless of whether they are tea products or tea accessories, and get one item free. Your one free additional item will be equal to the lowest item price of your purchased products.

#3 Free US/Canadian Shipping on Orders Over US$85

Orders with total before taxes of over $85USD for shipment to US or Canada get free shipping.

For addresses not located in the US or Canada, the shipping and handling charges are based on the total weight of your order. Our checkout process is designed to automatically calculate the weight of your order, which is then used to show the shipping and handling rates.