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Gyokuro Kukicha Karigane Stem Tea

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Superlative Kukicha Stems Tea - Gyokuro Karigane from Yame.

This is classed as stem tea. Most Gyokoro tea, which is grown under the shade for the final few weeks before harvest, is made only with the leaves; this tea is made from the stems and leaves of the Gyokoro plant. Being a leaf green tea with the inclusion of stems adds to the flavor profile of this complex taste. Enjoy the classic Gyokoro taste from the loose-leaf tea and the added twist of the stems.

Gyokuro Karigane has a slightly creamy smooth texture and a pronounced sweetness, and a wonderful freshness.

Discover the unique flavor profile of Gyokuro Karigane, a superior kukicha stems tea sourced directly from the lush tea fields of Yame, Japan. This premium tea stands out with its distinctive blend of stems and leaves, creating a harmonious balance that tea connoisseurs will appreciate. The shading process during the final weeks before harvest enhances the tea's rich umami flavor, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a high-quality green tea experience.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Gyokuro Karigane, where each sip offers a journey through its slightly creamy texture and natural sweetness. The meticulous cultivation and processing methods always ensure a fresh and refreshing cup of tea. Perfect for casual drinkers and seasoned tea enthusiasts, Gyokuro Karigane from Yame provides a refined and satisfying tea experience that is second to none. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this exceptional tea promises to deliver a moment of tranquility and pleasure.

Category Gyokuro yame fukuoka location
Cultivar Yabukita
Shading Synthetic direct covering
Picking Machine
Type Asamushi
Steam level 1
Drying temperature Low-Medium
Grade Classic
Organic No
Region Yame
Form Loose leaf/stem
Weight 100g (3.52oz)
Note Introduction Gyokuro Everyday
More Details on Gyokuro


The Emperor of Japanese Green Teas

Gyokuro is the rolled form of shaded Japanese green tea leaf. What makes the Gyokuro tea leaf unique is that, for the final month before harvesting it is covered by shade. This shade prevents most of the L-Theanine, an amino acid, from converting into Catechins, the polyphenols responsible for most of the bitterness in lower-quality teas. As a result, Gyokuro tea has a sweet, unique taste that is very favorably compared to the sun-grown Sencha grade of teas.

 Gyokuro Tea loose leafL-

Theanine is the so-called “Feel-good” Amino acid, and is primarily found in the leaves of the tea plant (C.Sinensis). While all teas have some L-Theanine, the largest quantities are found in the Gyokuro and Matcha teas. L-Theanine not only gives these teas their signature sweetness, but it also relaxes the body and mind. This comes from L-Theanine’s stimulation of the alpha brain waves, which produce a calming effect.


L-Theanine, combined with caffeine, melts away stress and anxiety, and allows one to focus on the present task. This unique ability was praised by the Zen Buddhist monks, who popularized the use of tea in their meditation sessions

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love it

Kaoru Yamamoto
My favorite

Well rounded and good flavor I love it,

Lawrence Wadey
Outstanding Value

I find this particular Gyokuro only marginally inferior to the outstanding Kiwami Gyokuro which is my tea of choice. I whole-heartedly recommend either, depending on your budget. What's more I've been lucky enough to purchase from Chado Tea House for over a decade. They are superb.

Raymond Blais
Such a refreshing tea.

The first infusion of this Kukicha tea will delight you by its very tasteful and surprising sweetness. The second infusion will confirm even more the umami quality of this tea. As for the third infusion, it is able to conjure up a new and refreshing quality that will surprise and comfort you. So every infusion of this tea shifts to a different aspect that is quite distinctive from the previous infusion. The basic taste is not a milder version of the first infusion but an addition of a new aspect of the tea. Kukicha is my favorite late afternoon and evening tea.
My brewing style for this Kukicha (5 grams):
My water temperature for the three infusions is the same: 70° Celsius.
My brewing time for the three infusions is also the same: 50 seconds.
( Most sites would have you brew Kukicha a lot longer between 2 to 3 minutes and at close to 80° Celsius. You do not need to do that for this tea because it is truly high quality tea)
Do I have to mention that this tea has an extremely beautiful color as well. Enjoy.