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Gyokuro Kukicha Karigane Stem Tea

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Superlative Kukicha Stems Tea - Gokuro Karigane from Yame.

This is classed as stem tea. Most gyokuro tea, tea that is grown under the shade for the final few weeks before harvest, is made only with the leaves; this tea is made from the stems and leaves of Gyokuro plant.

Gyokuro Karigane has a slightly creamy smooth texture and a pronounced sweetness, and a wonderful freshness. 


Category Gyokuro yame fukuoka location
Cultivar Yabukita
Shading Synthetic direct covering
Picking Machine
Type Asamushi
Steam level 1
Drying temperature Low-Medium
Grade Classic
Organic No
Region Yame
Form Loose leaf/stem
Weight 100g (3.52oz)
Note Introduction Gyokuro Everyday

Customer Reviews

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Raymond Blais
Such a refreshing tea.

The first infusion of this Kukicha tea will delight you by its very tasteful and surprising sweetness. The second infusion will confirm even more the umami quality of this tea. As for the third infusion, it is able to conjure up a new and refreshing quality that will surprise and comfort you. So every infusion of this tea shifts to a different aspect that is quite distinctive from the previous infusion. The basic taste is not a milder version of the first infusion but an addition of a new aspect of the tea. Kukicha is my favorite late afternoon and evening tea.
My brewing style for this Kukicha (5 grams):
My water temperature for the three infusions is the same: 70° Celsius.
My brewing time for the three infusions is also the same: 50 seconds.
( Most sites would have you brew Kukicha a lot longer between 2 to 3 minutes and at close to 80° Celsius. You do not need to do that for this tea because it is truly high quality tea)
Do I have to mention that this tea has an extremely beautiful color as well. Enjoy.