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Organic Sencha E+ Premium TensuiRaku 80g (2.82oz)

$18.75 USD

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Deeply steamed Fukamushi Organic Premium Sencha tea. The Fukamushi tea making process breaks down tea leaves and reduce bitterness and results in a deeply rich flavor.

This superbly made organic Sencha tea has a full-bodied rich aftertaste that we are sure will pleasantly impress.

This tea is slightly higher grade than our longtime best seller organic Sencha E grade and the taste profiles are quite different - robust and elegant.

Produced in Kagoshima pref in Kyush. The farm opened in 1998 and Obtained organic certification from Japan, USA, Canada and Germany.

4g (1 1/4tsp) / One cup / 80-70°C (176-158°F) /30-45 sec / brew up to 3 times.

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Category Sencha kagoshima location
Cultivar Yubukita
Shading Kabuse(covered)
Harvest First
Type Fukamushi
Steam level 8
Drying temperature Low-Medium
Grade Premium+
Organic JAS certified
Region Kagoshima
Form Loose leaf
Weight 80g (2.82oz)
Note Rich and deep, nice organic Sencha blend

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Tobe
My current favoritw

The TensuiRaku organic green tea is my favorite. I brew the tea at 163 degrees F, it seems to bring out the best flavor. My general rule is, the first brew for 1 minute, the second brew for 30 seconds, and then I throw some hot water into the pot and leave it, in case I want some more tea later. Of course the third brew isn't fantastic but it is something to sip on. I am a fan of green tea from Kyushu. Chado Tea House is the best. I have been buy from them for years.