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Organic Sencha E SaeMidori 80g (2.82oz)

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In recent years, we have introduced extensive cultivars of organic Sencha.  Cultivars are plant varieties that have been produced in cultivation by selective breeding. There are many cultivars and every cultivar has unique taste profile.

A green tea cultivar, Sae-Midori means “clear green” that has come to be greatly appreciated by tea lovers.  Its liquor is a gorgeous green and its flavor is deep and pleasant. Full of sweetness, the taste lingers in the mouth,

4g (1 ¼ tsp) / One cup / 85-70°C (185-158°F) /30-60 sec / brew up to 3 times.

We also have many other sencha teas, one that may be of interest is our Organic Japanese Premium Sencha Asanoka.

Category Sencha kagoshima location
Cultivar Saemidori
Shading Kabuse(covered)
Harvest First
Type Chumushi Medium steam
Steam level 3
Drying temperature Low-Medium
Grade Premium+
Organic JAS certified
Region Kagoshima
Form Loose leaf
Weight 80g (2.82oz)
Note Very popular cultiver single breed organic Sencha!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J. Pax
My morning tea made great!!

Very good! Much enjoy!! Senchtastically deliciously enlivening!!

Gregory F Weis

Quite different than the Asanoka sencha, but also delicious, if lighter-bodied. Steeped at 158F, the highly appealing aroma is of fresh-cut grass, which persists in the flavor, where it is joined by seaweed and lima bean. This is an umami-rich tea. I secured two excellent steeps, the second using water just a few degrees hotter. I will be buying this tea in my next order.

Steve Onorato
Sweet bright flvor

This is one of the first teas I bought when I started drinking Japanese Green Teas. I enjoy it very much. Sweet flavor and bright green color. Not only is it a pleasure to drink, but appealing to the senses of sight and smell. I have bought this tea several times as a daily drinker, and will eventually get back to it, but I am still exploring other types of green tea from Chado. I would recommend this tea for everybody, but especially those first discovering real green tea, because of its flavor. (I know many westerners have a hard time with bitterness.)