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Organic Sencha E Asanoka 80g (2.82oz)

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This is the newest addition to our organic Sencha collection. Asanoka is a type of cultivar that is not commonly produced.  It is selective breeding of Yabukita and a Chinese tea cultivar. This Sencha tea cultivar has unique floral, very delightful fragrance.

An inviting color, a lovely yellow with subtle green tints on dried green tea leaves.  The taste is robust and smooth with lots of umami.  This is unique and rare, we highly recommend giving it a try. A exquisite and rare organic Asanoka single cultivar Sencha.

First flush, Asanoka cultivar, medium steam from Kagoshima

4g (1 ¼ tsp) / One cup / / 80-70°C (176-158°F) /30-60 sec / brew up to 3 times