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Ceremonial Matcha Classic+ WAKABA 30g (1oz) - Wonderful tasting Matcha Powdered Tea

$15.50 USD
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This is a wonderful everyday ceremonial grade Matcha.  A smooth velvety texture in your mouth with a mild yet satisfying taste. This tea has a with a noticeable sweetness. A great tea for that wonderful cup of Matcha at breakfast or any time! Matcha Classic WAKABA is one of our Signature Collections. This Matcha can also be your go to latte Matcha powder if you enjoy preparing it that way.

This authentic Matcha powder is produced in Nishio, Aichi prefecture.

A great addition to our line of powdered green tea.

1.5 - 2g (1/2 tsp) / 3oz / 80-70°C (176-158°F) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Bought this matcha powder inside the Honey Shop and this is great, I mostly make matcha lattes and the flavor is great while you can really feel the jolt of energy. Really happy with this product, highly recommend.

Carol Yamamoto
Quality you can trust

I order two of the Classic Matcha (Wakaba) at a time and will continue to buy from this company. They are well known in Vancouver for their quality. I am not a matcha snob nor a tea ceremony person (mostly I make matcha lattes, add it to my green smoothies and make green tea baked goods :)) but I do appreciate a beautiful product like this.

David Lodge
Matcha Classic

Very nice Matcha for the price. We drink this most mornings for a nice start to the day.
We have also reied their more expensive matcha and its great fro a special occasion but this one works for us day to day.