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Matcha Classic MIDORI in bulk 100g (3.2oz)

$29.60 USD
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We are happy to announce that our Classic Matcha is back.

We now have a high-quality everyday grade Matcha in a larger size. We have been asked many times for Matcha product in bulk, we now have it available in aluminum zip-locked pouches. The pouches are available in a new bulk-size for us of 3.2oz (100g).

This Matcha is ideal for making traditional Matcha drinks and is also great for Matcha Lattes or for culinary use. Whichever way you choose to use we are sure you will enjoy this authentic Matcha powder. Even try this Matcha to make Boba bubble tea.

This Matcha MIDORI has a rich, smooth taste and is great for an everyday Matcha treat and joins our green tea Japan selection.

Please note that this is one grade lower than Matcha WAKABA.

High quality Japanese matcha tea in bulk!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is a very lovely high quality matcha. I drink a lot of matcha and can verify that this is sweet and fresh. For the price I highly recommend.


I gave this as a gift and she loved it.

Incredible value

We drink a LOT of Matcha, and I have now found an affordable and good tasting matcha that we can drink plenty of every day. I also cook with it and mix it in with oatmeal as well as straight for chado. So glad that Chado Tea House has brought this in. I’ve been waiting years for this!! Delicious, affordable and highly recommended! Their shincha is also excellent this year!