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Organic Benifuuki Green Tea 80g /2.82oz

$16.00 USD
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This is one of our more unique teas - slightly oxidized Organic Benifuuki green tea first flush from Kagoshima.  The oxidization process makes this tea very fragrant and tastes is similar to Oolong tea so this is one of most the distinctive Japanese teas.   

The Oxidization process results in some of the o-methylated catechins being lost however the process helps the tea withstand higher temperature brewing.   

For those looking for more catechins we recommend our Benifuuki Green tea Classic  which contains higher levels than this organic variety.

First flush, Kagoshima  approximately1400mg

Regular brewing:  4g (1 1/2tsp) / One cup / 85°C (185°F) /45 sec / brew up to 2 times.   
For enhanced catechins release:  boiling water at 100℃/212℉. Steep 1 to 2 min.

If a milder flavor is preferred, we recommend adjusting temperature down or adding ginger or milk if that meets the taste profile desired

Customer Reviews

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Fumi Li
Interesting flavor, really like it

Really like the taste of this one. Interesting range of flavours just by playing with the brewing time. I'll buy again.