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Benifuuki Green Tea Classic 100g /3.5oz

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Benifuuki green tea contains the highest level of o-methylated catechins of all the Japanese teas.

The cultivation process for Benifuuki, cultivar, was originally intended to produce black tea. The oxidizing process of making black tea destroys o-methylated catechins. Processing this tea as green tea allows the catechins to remain, interestingly the level of catechins are found to be higher in the second flush than first flush. Our Benifuuki green tea Classic is second flush non-oxidized green tea produced in Shizuoka. 

Second flush, Shizuoka  approximately 1800mg
Brew in boiling water at 100℃/212℉. Steep 1 to 2 min.

This higher brewing temperature releases more methylated catechin which tastes strong with a noticeable level of astringency. If a less strong flavor is preferred, we recommend adjusting temperature down or adding ginger or milk if that meets the taste profile desired.

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Customer Reviews

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Doug Siddens
My new daily drink

Taking a cue from Dr. Gregor, I tried a bag and liked it. Many bags later, its become my daily. Something like 3 cups a day. About 3.3 grams per bag into those empty self-fill tea bags.