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Benifuuki Green Tea Classic - Get Anti-Allergy benefits and great taste

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Benifuuki green tea contains the highest level of o-methylated catechins of all Japanese teas.

The cultivation process for Benifuuki, cultivar, was originally intended to produce black tea. The oxidizing process of making black tea destroys o-methylated catechins. Processing this tea as green tea allows the catechins to remain, interestingly, the level of catechins are found to be higher in the second flush than the first flush. Our Benifuuki green tea Classic is second flush non-oxidized green tea produced in Shizuoka. 

This boutique product has a small production run, and the producer has not applied for organic certification at this time.

Second flush, Shizuoka  approximately 1800mg
Brew in boiling water at 100℃/212℉. Steep 1 to 2 min.

This higher brewing temperature releases more methylated catechin, which tastes strong with a noticeable level of astringency. If a less strong flavor is preferred, we recommend adjusting the temperature down or adding ginger or milk if that meets the taste profile desired.

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We also have a recent newsletter about Benifuuki which discusses green tea with egcg and its attributes.

Category Sencha shizuoka location
Cultivar Benifuuki
Shading Full-sun
Harvest Second
Type Asamushi
Steam level 2-5
Steam Temperature 100°C / 212°F
Drying temperature 5
Grade Classic
Organic Naturally grown, not certified organic
Region Shizuoka
Form Loose leaf
Weight 100g (3.52oz)
Note Very popular tea for pollen seasons

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Adam Atlas

Great tea!

Anti Allergy & Antioxidant benefits

Enjoying this tea since I discovered in 2018. It helped me with my pollen allergies for years and it is packed with antioxidants, so I am drinking it every morning. One good habit I recommend to everyone. Maybe try to add some goji berries to get even more antioxidants…

Ellen Lark
Helps with allergies but doesn’t have much taste.

This tea does exactly what the description and scientific papers say. It began to help my non-allergic rhinitis (merely a way of saying that the doctor doesn’t have a good test for what is causing the reaction) within a week of receiving it. It probably does work a bit better with ginger, but not enough of one for me to worry about carrying ginger with me everywhere. However I have some ginger extract and will try that, as that was what was used in the study. I drink the tea at around noon and have had no problem falling asleep (due to the caffeine). In fact it has been the opposite — my sleep has been improved. The one thing I don’t care for is the taste. It isn’t bitter, but really doesn’t taste like much of anything — a good reason for adding ginger.

Robert MacDonald
Lovely green tea

This tea is not bitter even when using billing water. It has a fresh and vibrant taste, I really enjoy it!

Carrie Carmody

Benifuuki Green Tea Classic 100g /3.52oz