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Mecha and Other Demono teas. - Chado April 2022

Mecha and Other Demono teas. - Chado April 2022

Mecha - The unsung hero of Japanese Tea.

Sencha is the most popular Japanese green tea with over 60% of the whole tea production in Japan being made up of sencha tea.

Gyokuro is perhaps the most prized of the Japanese teas, it is certainly the most pampered – its leaves are shaded from the sun during the last weeks of growth before harvesting, the production uses only the young small leaves and the whole process is very labor intensive and this makes the tea comparatively expensive.

Mecha is not a well-known tea outside of Japan and that is a real shame. Mecha is a bargain for tea lovers that like a robust and astringent taste to their tea. Mecha is a collection of torn-off leaf tips and buds that are dried into tiny ball shapes.

If one looks up Mecha on google one will find articles mainly about Japanese science fiction, Manga, and anime. If that context Mecha is all about machines. Mecha in the tea context is all about robust flavor and value for money.

Mecha is regarded as one of “Demono” teas which is a by-product tea. Mecha (buds tea), Kukicha (stems and twigs tea), and Konacha(flake tea) are “Demono” tea and all by-products from making Sencha or Gyokuro. When Sencha or Gyokuro is produced, some unnecessary parts for those teas are sifted out. The collections of those parts are called “Demono” tea, generally speaking, Demono teas are reasonably priced.

 Demono Teas from Chado Tea House


We currently offer two Mecha teas - mecha standard and Mechakucha unsorted that includes all parts of the tea plant - buds, leaf tips and stems.

Mecha Buds Tea

MechaKucha Unsorted Tea

The packaging of these two teas look similar, the difference is more obvious when we look at the tea inside.

Mecha buds tea.

Mecha is often regarded as being in the same class as premium grade Sencha. The tea has a distinctive richness and satisfies a desire for a stimulating drink. Mecha is a collection of only the tiny buds and tea leaf tips that have a concentrated umami taste. Mecha has a strong aroma and flavor.

Mecha tea is a bold and rich tea, great for an afternoon drink to increase your energy. If you like robust Sencha, give Mecha buds tea a try we think you will be happy you did.


MechaKucha Buds, Stem and Leaves Green Tea

Deeply steamed Fukamushi unsorted Japanese Green tea that contains all parts - leaves, stems, and buds. This refreshing and complex tea is from Shizuoka.

If you are looking for rich, robust, and strong Sencha, we recommend trying this MechaKucha Japanese green tea. Very refreshing and has great value with sweet umami-rich overtones.

This tea can easily be brewed 2-3 times and still provide a good flavor.

Sakura Days is back and it was a great success

A good time was hopefully had by all at the Sakura Days Japan Fair in Vancouver on April 10-11th.

The turnout was certainly bigger than expected. Queues to get into the venue stretched for several 100m at various times during the day.

It seems everyone in attendance was anxious to get out and enjoy the sunshine, the blossom and the Japanese vibe.

We were lucky to get to meet some of our web customers, old and new, and it was great to meet again or to put a face to the online shopper.

Our friend produced a video that is on her YouTube channel – check it out and we hope to see you in person next year.

To conclude this month. we would like to let you know that Shincha is coming soon!

You know it is spring in Japan when the excitement of shincha starts to rise. Like Beaujolais Nouveau in the wine world, Shincha is the first tea of the season. Shincha is harvested on the 88th day after the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar.

We are working on our 2022 Shincha products and we will have more on this exciting arrival next month.

Shincha time is always a new and exciting time in the Japanese tea world.