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Sencha SAKURA 50g (1.76oz)

$9.14 USD
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“Shizu 7132” is a very unique and rare Japanese tea cultivar that has a slight scent of cherry tree. This is a deep steamed Fukamushi Sencha has just a hint of the fruity fragrance but that small characteristic makes the tea special.

There are few “Sakuracha green teas” that are now available in the marketplace especially in spring. Most of these are tea blended with cherry twigs or petals to achieve the scent of the cherry tree.

This Sencha Sakura is single cultivar of “Shizu 7132” which naturally has the unique elegant scent of Sakura. This is one of the unique teas we carry and we recommend you give it a try - for a taste of spring.

First flush, Shizu 7132 cultivar, Shizuoka

4g (1 tsp) / One cup / 80-75°C (176-167°F) /30-45sec / brew up to 2 times