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Sencha Kanaya-Midori 100g (3.53oz)

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We do carry the similar product called "Mountain Sencha TenRyu 50g"

Mountain Sencha TenRyu 50g

Kanaya-Midori is a rare Japanese green tea cultivar that has limited distribution. The dried leaf smells grassy and milky, the taste is rich and robust with a pleasant astringency and underlying sweetness.

We recommend this tea especially to those who are looking for a rich and bold Sencha. The Kanaya-Midori’s unique characteristic goes very well western confectionery so can be enjoyed with your favorite candy.

This Sencha Kanaya-Midori is from the mountain village of Hoshino in Yame region where reputable tea estates are integral to village life.

First flush, medium steamed, Hoshino village,

4g (1 1/2tsp) / One cup / 80-70°C (176-158°F) /45-90sec / brew up to 3 times