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Organic Sencha Super Premium MORI 100g (3.52oz)

$23.70 USD
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Organic Super premium Fukamushi Sencha from Shizuoka.

This tea comes from an organic farm that is at an altitude of about 400m in high mountainous area where the clouds hover over the crop thus reducing the amount of direct sunlight. The climate at the farm provides optimum condition for tea cultivation.

This popular Yabukita cultivar contains rich umami sweetness processed by deep-steamed Fukamushi method which suppresses astringency and bitterness. The beautiful green liquor - with a hint of blue has a very rich, full bodied Umami sweetness, one of the truly great teas we offer. 

First flush, Yabukita cultivar, Fukamushi from Shizuoka

3g (1 tsp) / 100ml / 70°C (158°F) /40 sec / brew up to 3 times