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Kamairi Pan-fried Sencha Kiiro 50g (1.76oz)

$9.14 USD
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This is Kamairi, pan-fried (pan-fired) Sencha that is rare as typical Japanese tea uses a steaming process. The pan-frying process makes the tea very aromatic and palate-cleansing. Yellowy liquor Kamairi Sencha is good to drink alone or as a nice accompaniment to meals. 

Another unique feature of this particular pan-fried tea is that this tea is organically grown. No pesticides or chemical fertilizer are used for this tea.  Tea leaves are grown on a organic farm on the mountain side of TenRyu region in Shizuoka.  

Almost all of our organic teas are certified but this boutique product has a small production run and the producer has not applied for organic certification at this time.    

First flush, Kamairi pan-fried, Shizuoka

4g (2 tsp) / One cup / 85-80°C (185-176°F) /30-45sec / brew up to 2 times