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Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Shizuoka Classic 100g (3.5oz)

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We do carry the similar product called "Hojicha Classic NISHIO 100g"

Hojicha Classic NISHIO 100g

Hojicha is known for its mellow, nutty flavor with toasty aroma. This is our Hojicha every day classic.  Hojicha is roasted at high temperature after the leaves have been steamed and dried. This process alters the leaf color from green to a reddish-brown appearance. The roasting process also burns out tannin and caffeine so Hojicha is known for low-caffeine green tea.  Good tea for after meal or evening for relaxing time.  See all other Hojicha teas.

Second and third flushes produced in Shizuoka

4g (3-4tsp) / One cup / 95°C (203°F) /30 sec / brew up to 2 times