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Gyokuro Nishio Rikyu 100g (3.5oz)

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We do carry the similar product called "Gyokuro Imperial 100g"

Gyokuro Imperial 100g

Premium Gyokuro tea from Nishio region in Aichi. Nishio is known as a shaded green tea (Matcha and Gyokuro) producing center of excellence.

Only the finest leaves are used to create this masterpiece! This Gyokuro Nishio Rikyu tea has an elegant aroma, smooth full-body taste and we are sure will meet your expectations when looking for a premium Gyokuro. This tea has a level of quality comparable to our timeless Gyokuro Imperial which is our other first class Gyokuro.

First flush, Nishio Aichi

4g (2 tsp) / One cup / 70-60°C (158-140°F) /90-150 sec / brew up to 3 times