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Sencha with Matcha Tea 100g (3.52oz)

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Medium steamed Sencha mixed with ceremonial Matcha powder.  A beautiful dark green liquor with a mild sweetness. Blending of the Matcha powder with the Sencha makes this a tea to experience - something a bit different in a nice way. This tea has beautiful looks and very a nice taste, really exhibits the vitality of Japanese Matcha.

This is a medium steamed Sencha that we recommend is drained right before tea leaves are fully opened; start draining the tea leaves when they are opened about 80% to avoid over brewing.   

First flush, Nishio, Aichi prefecture and one of our green tea japan selections. This tea has a distinctive matcha sencha taste.

Intense green liquor thanks to the powdered green tea Matcha. Can be used to make an interesting variation on typical Matcha Latte Green Tea drink, this could be your go to latte Matcha power if you want to try something a bit different.

4g (1 1/2tsp) / One cup / 85-80°C (185-176°F) /45 sec / brew up to 2 times

Customer Reviews

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Jenny SATO
Sencha with Matcha

"I love it" my husband's opinion.
I am only able to drink de-caf products...so sorry.

Steve Onorato

This is absolutely one of my favorite teas so far The matcha and sencha mix has a beautiful flavor combination. It has a subtle sweetness that lingers in a good way. This is an excellent daily drinker, and very easy to brew (no need for matcha tools). Also has a bit of a kick if you need a pick me up in the morning or through out the day. I drink it several times a day.