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Gyokuro Yame Kiwami 80g (2.82oz)

$52.00 USD
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This is not our absolute top-grade Gyokuro but it's a top-grade example of the excellence of Gyokuro production.

Refreshing sweet aroma and taste, smooth silky mouthfeel and richness. The skilled tea maker has blended three varieties of the tea, Yabukita, Yamakai and Sae-Midori. Each type brings their unique profile and when blended by the skilled hands of the tea maker the result is the creation of this supreme Gyokuro tea.

Gyokuro Kiwami in our Signature Collections

Yame region in Fukuoka is known for Gyokuro production Tea farms are located on the slopes of mountains and the area’s warm and foggy condition provides ideal climate for Gyokuro cultivation.

First flush, Yabukita, SaeMidori, Yamakai cultivars, Yame

4g (2 tsp) / One cup / 70-60°C (158-140°F) /90-150 sec / brew up to 3 times