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Organic Japanese Herbal Tea Bag 5gx20p

$14.00 USD
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We have been asked many times if we carry non-caffeine tea?

We are very happy to be able to now say - YES - Yes we have one now!

Finally, we have an Organic Japanese Herbal tea blend teabag available. Eight kinds of Japanese organically grown herbs (barley, brown rice, mulberry leaf, burdock, black beans, houttuynia cordata, quercus salicina, sword beans) blended to make a tea and presented in large 5g flat biodegradable teabag. 5g x 20p teabags in re-sealable package.

This dark brown tea has a nutty sweetness and gentle to your body.  Very comforting and suitable for cold winter months.

One tea bag for 700cc boiled water for 5 minutes – gentle and delicious Non caffeine tea.