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Organic Aged San-nen Bancha Hojicha Roasted Green Tea 100g (3.5oz)

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Tea leaves are from later harvests in the autumn to winter drying them in the sun well and maturing them for up to three years. This ripening process breaks down tannins in tea and leads to the mild tea taste then slowly roasting them. Appearance is similar to Hojicha roasted tea. The difference therefore between Hojicha and San-nen Bancha is whether the tea is processed right after harvesting or ripened. Both of these teas are known for mild and low levels of caffeine. This aged San-nen Bancha is the most mild and almost free of caffeine.

4g (3-4 tsp) / one cup / 100°C (212°F) / 3-5 min

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Another Hojicha tea that may be of interest is our typical Hojicha Classic or a lightly roasted Hojicha Premium.

Category Hojicha Bancha nara location
Cultivar Yabukita
Shading Full-sun
Harvest third-fourth
Type Asamushi
Steam level 2-5
Steam Temperature 100°C / 212°F
Drying temperature 10
Grade Classic
Organic Yes
Region Nara
Form Loose leaf
Weight 100g (3.52oz)
Note Super mild, gentle and earthy sweetness

Customer Reviews

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Marina Lindell
Toasty flavor

Really nice tea, first I tasted the toast flavor and then a sweet smell and flavor. It smells like chocolate. I am starting my macrobiotic diet.