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Gyokuro Yame Gokujyo 80g (2.82oz)

$61.00 USD
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We are very proud to have this superlative Gyokuro Gokujyo. This is our absolute highest-quality Gyokuro. All the classic Gyokuro tastes and characteristics are there in terms of sweetness, delicate aroma and are refined to the upmost level in this superlative tea. 

Gyokuro Kiwami and this Gokujyo are from the same tea estates and share similar taste profile. Gyokuro Kiwami is truly excellent and this is an even higher grade Gokujyo, and we believe is near a perfect example of Gyokuro.

First flush, Yabukita, SaeMidori, Gokou, Yamakai cultivars, Yame.

The Yame region benefits from a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and misty mountains, creating the perfect environment for tea cultivation. These conditions, coupled with nutrient-rich volcanic soil, allow the tea plants to thrive, producing leaves that are rich in flavor and nutrients. This ideal terroir is crucial in developing the distinctive taste profiles that Yame teas are celebrated for, offering a delicate balance of sweetness, umami, and astringency.

4g (2 tsp) / One cup / 70-60°C (158-140°F) /90-150 sec / brew up to 3 times

Category Gyokuro yame fukuoka location
Cultivar Yabukita
Shading Reed blind + straw covering
Picking Hand
Type Asamushi
Steam level 1
Drying temperature Low-Medium
Grade Supreme+
Organic No
Region Yame
Form Loose leaf
Weight 80g (2.82oz)
Note Ultimate Gyokuro

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Reminds us of home

We lived in Fukuoka for a few years, and had a lovely neighbour who treated us to the best green tea in Japan—she only drank tea from Yame. This tea, reminds me of her, of Fukuoka and of our lovely drives around Kyushu looking for the best places to enjoy tea.

Sujata Ghosh

Gyokuro Yame Gokujyo 80g (2.82oz)

TerriJo Benson



Magnificent tea! Rare to find such a refined gyokuro. Well worth it for the appreciative tea connoisseur -- good value for the quality leaf. Thickly textured, deep umami. I use a higher grams to leaf ratio, about 5 grams tea to 65 mL water at 62C (143F) and 1.5-2 min, with subsequent infusions progressively a bit hotter, but shorter steeping time. For the first infusion, I keep the lid off the kyusu until the pour. Don't forget that you may wish to eat the leaves afterwards, perhaps with a few drops of soy sauce, roasted sesame seeds, or other preparations.

Linda Postell
It’s The Best!

I don’t know what I would do without Chado’s Gyokuro teas….feel very privileged to know such a quality provider. I now alternate between Gyokuro Yame (The finest) & Gyokuro white label ( my everyday)…Chado, hands down delivers the best quality Gyokuro on the market…Thank You For A Wonderfful Harvest! Linda Postell