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Sencha Tea Bags Hot/Cold Single Serving 3gx20p

$11.95 USD
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Very convenient and versatile! Our Signature green tea bags work for Hot and Cold water.
This green tea bag contains a blend teas comprising Sencha, Hojicha and Matcha. The Hojicha’s roasting aroma adds extra flavor to these tea bags and the  combination of all three types make it possible to deliver a tasty tea experience - fast and easy.

The powdered green tea leaves of the authentic Japanese Matcha add to the vibrancy of tea prepared with these tea bags. A fine green tea cold brew tea bag with not only a matcha sencha taste but the added roasted-flavor of hoijcia.

This product has quality loose leaf tea in tea bags. This is one of the best green tea in super efficient bags for your enjoyment.

Brew with Hot water: 1.5-2 cups of 85-95℃/185-203℉ - water.

Cold Brew Preparation Guide: Put one tea bag into a thermo-tumbler and fill with 240 -350 ml of cold water, ice cube and stir.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wesley Harrell
Rich flavor

Nice rich flavor. I would purchase again. Thank you.

Renata Lalonde
Sencha Tea Bags Hot/Cold single serving

Delicious and convenient option in a tea bag. Will definitely be ordering more.
Have been drinking green tea for 20 years.

John Thacker
Best teabag ever

Easily surpasses any other tea bags I have had. While the taste doesn't quite approach good loose leaf tea, these tea bags come closer than any others, and are better than some loose leaf tea that I've had. Highly recommended.

Steve Onorato
Easy tea to make

Great item for people on the go who want a good tasting green tea, but can't find one. Easy to carry, mixes well in water, and good flavor. Though it doesn't compare to a good sencha, it is quite good for what it is; instant green tea, and much, much better than Western green tea bags.