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Gyokuro Yame Classic 100g (3.5oz)

$22.00 USD
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For those familiar with Sencha tea who want to give Gyokuro a try this is a perfect place to start. Gyokuro Classic provides a good introduction to the exploration of Gyokuro tea.

The primary difference between Sencha and Gyokuro is whether the tea plants are covered to avoid direct sunlight. We sell several types of Gyokuro and the type of coverings, the shading period and the harvesting method all affect the quality of the finished product. This Gyokuro Yama Classic is an economical high-quality tea. This tea is produced efficiently with:

  • Synthetic fabric covering rather than the more traditional materials.
  • The covering are layered directly on the tea plants rather than being a separate roof.
  • The leaves are machine-picked rather picked by hand. 

The result of these growing options result in a very good tasting Gyokuro at a very economical price.

First flush, Yabukita, Oku-Midori cultivar, Yame

4g (1 1/2tsp) / One cup / 75-65°C (167-149°F) /60-90 sec / brew up to 3 times