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Genmaicha Premium Nishio 100g (3.5oz) Japanese Green Tea

$11.45 USD
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Great Value - traditional Genmaicha, Japanese comfort tea. This Genmaicha Premium consists of first flush medium steamed Sencha blended with roasted Japanese brown rice. A Nutty, toasty taste created by the classic blending of rice and Sencha green tea.

Brew at slightly higher temperature than Sencha about 85°C (185°F) to induce toasty aroma from the brown rice. Good combination and it is perfect for a relaxing teatime or accompaniment to meals.

Second flush Nishio, Aichi
4g (2tsp) / One cup / 85°C (185°F) /30 sec / brew up to 2 times

This tea works well for cold-brewing. Use 5g of tea and add 500ml of cold water, stir, and store in refrigerator for at least 2 hours stirring occasionally.