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Organic Japanese Herbel Tea

Organic Herbel Tea and Fermented Tea - Chado January 2022

Happy New Year from Chado Tea House

We wish all our customers a very Happy 2022.

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new teas to our lineup recently.

We have a herbal tea and a the Post-heated fermented tea, fermented tea comes in loose or as tea bags.

Both of these new teas are slightly different to our usual selections and we are excited to offer them for you to try. We taste test and these new varieties meet our high standards, and we hope you enjoy them if you decide to give them a try.

The first is our Organic Japanese Herbal Tea Bag 5g x 20p

  • This is our first caffeine-free tea. We have been asked many times for a tea without caffeine and we are happy to be able to offer one now.
  • Eight kinds of Japanese organically grown herbs (barley, brown rice, mulberry leaf, burdock, black beans, houttuynia cordata, quercus salicina, sword beans) are blended to produce a fine-tasting tea
  • Offered in convenient easy to use plant-based tea bags.
  • This dark tea has a nutty sweetness and is gentle on your body. A very comforting drink and suitable for the cold winter months.



Our Second new offering is our Post-heated Fermented Tea, presented as either loose or in tea bags.

  • A unique and modern post-heated organic fermented green tea.
  • Organic Sencha produced in Shizuoka put through certified single strain of black koji-powered fermentation process inspired by the traditional Japanese sake, miso, soy sauce and Shochu making.
  • The dark dried leaves produce very smooth amber like liquor.


We hope we have sparked your interest with these new teas.

We are in regular contact with growers in Japan. Recently we have been involved in some teleconferences organized by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It supports Japanese business owner to export overseas where we have been introduced to new suppliers and we have advised them on what our clients are looking for and they provide insight into the tea specialties they have to offer. We feel these discussions have been a win-win for all parties and we look forward to continuing these sessions in 2022 and beyond.

Rest assured that our existing selections of teas are available, and we are going to continue to offer those long-time favorite tea selections in the future!



On the theme of something different for 2022 we thought you would like to test your knowledge of tea and Japan with a just-for-fun crossword.
If you enjoy it please let us know and we will do a prize crossword in upcoming newsletters.

Crossword puzzle for tea