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Cold Brew Japanese Tea

Speciality Cold-Brew Japanese Teas - Chado July 2022

Q. Its Hot. A. Cold Japanese Green Tea.

We hope you are enjoying the summer and it is not too hot where you are. In the UK they have temperature measurements dating back 350 years and it was the hottest day they had ever recorded last week.

Chado Tea House is based in Vancouver, Canada and it has been relatively cool so far this year which we are happy about.

We will be keeping the newsletter short and sweet this month.


Something to cool you down.

There are lots of ways to cool down in the summer, jump in a pool, have an ice-cold beer, eat iced cream or even drink green tea!

All green tea is good for hydration purposes but we also have one specially designed to be consumed cold.

If you want to try something cold, right from the refrigerator, we suggest our cold-brew green tea bags. These triangular bags are specially designed and the tea is explicitly prepared to be good when brewed in cold water.

Tea made with this large tea bag provides a rich and deep taste. Experience this cold-brew green tea from Kagoshima. The 7g large triangular tea bag contains the first flush of deeply steamed (Fukamushi) green tea leaves, cut into small pieces to work well for cold-water brewing.

Put one tea bag into a pitcher, fill it with 500 - 800 ml of cold water, lightly stir and store in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Brewing in cold water reduces the amount of caffeine and tannin released so that even in a cold-brew tea one gets that umami-rich tasty green tea taste. 

If you want to hedge your bets on the weather. You might be thinking that this iced tea is good for summer but what happens if we have a cold snap or want to have some hot tea?

We have the answer - this tea is good hot and cold!

This green tea bag contains a blend of teas comprising Sencha, Hojicha, and Matcha. The Hojicha’s roasting aroma adds extra flavor to these tea bags and the combination of all three types makes it possible to deliver a tasty tea experience - fast and easy.


That is all for this month, we hope it is good tea-drinking weather where you are.