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Shincha special edition - Hachijyu-Hachiya Sencha 100g (3.53oz)

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Only the top 10cm(3.93 Inch) of the leaves are used for this 'Hachijyu-hachiya” shincha."

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The arrival of the first harvest is very important in Japan and is simillar to the arrival of Beajolais Noveau Wine in France. On the first day of Spring, on February 4th this year in Japan, a countdown is started to track the arrival of the first harvest of green tea. The countdown lasts 88 days until May 2nd. Legend has it that tea harvested on the 88th night after the first day of Spring will help the drinker aintain good health for the whole year, the Japanese call this Hachijyu-hachiya. Many Japanese people send their friends Shincha as gifts hoping to bless the recipient with good health for the year.
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