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How to make ice green tea

Japanese Ice green teabag

Enjoy Ice Japanese tea in your way! Three ways to enjoy!

Very easy and delicious Japanese Ice green tea
Brew in cold water reduces amount of caffeine and tannin release. They are responsible of bitterness so cold water brewed green tea is surprisingly rich delicious Umami and sweetness are there and bitter less. It is perfect summer time drink.

Three ways to make Ice  Japanese tea! Hot water is Not necessary, Easy and Tasty!
Op1. Easy Ice Japanese Tea Bag
Op2. Loose tea in Teapot
Op3. Loose tea in My bottle


ice green tea bag

Chado Ice Tea Bag
- Take one tea bag, place into water bottle.
- Pour 1 - 1.5 L cold water.
- Stair well and  keep in refrigerator few hours and enjoy!

Specially prepared and processed tea bag works perfect for COLD water brewing


green tea brew in cold water

Use Loose tea brew in teapot
- Fukamushi Sencha plus Matcha loose tea works well for cold brewing. Adding Matcha powder to Sencha tea enhance the taste and rich color.
- Place 7g tea leaf into strainer, fill up with cold water about 500cc, make sure tea leaves are soaked in water.

- Keep in refrigerator over night, Enjoy!

Sencha tea plus Matcha powder tea
Op3. ice green infuser pot

Loose tea + My bottle
Removable fine mesh strainer, two sides opening enable to control brewing time.
- Fukamushi Sencha + Matcha is ideal.
- Place 5g tea leaves add ice cubes and pour cold water

- Up side down few times and Enjoy!

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