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Organic Sencha A Superlative 100g (3.5oz)

$28.75 USD
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Our Best organic Sencha A that will meet your highest expectations. 

Organic tea products are our strength so we have a rich and broad collection.  Organic Sencha A to G shares the same taste profile but as we move through the grades the level of refinement increases.

This is our most expensive Organic Sencha and we are sure you will notice the differences from our other grades in the of maturity and refinement of the taste,  Organic Sencha A is a very popular tea with our customers and is one of our Signature Collections teas.

First flush, Yutaka-Midori cultivar, Fukamushi from Kagoshima

4g (1 1/4tsp) / One cup / 80-70°C (176-158°F) /30-45 sec / brew up to 3 times

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wesley Harrell
Very Good Sencha - Superlative A

My wife and I have been drinking green tea for about 15 years and we always come back to sencha. We believe the flavor has a profile that is fitting of “green tea” and find the Superlative A from Chado Tea House to be very good. This is currently our go-to everyday tea. It has a flavor and smoothness we really enjoy. Make sure you brew the first cup for only 30-40 seconds.

Gregory F Weis
2020 Harvest - superb

My remarks pertain to the 2020 harvest, which is a superb, refined fukamushi (and which I might guess is also a kabusecha). It is a beautiful light jade green, smooth and slightly creamy in the mouth, not sweet, with low astringency, and with good umami. The rich aroma and flavor suggestssparagus and artichoke, and at the end, a long-enduring seaweed and a bit of sourness. All extremely appealing. I've now had 800g of this tea over the past year, and my appreciation has not waned. Be aware that it is sensitive to being "cooked" if the water is too hot. I use a temperature of 155-158 for the first steep (you could go lower), and then go up by just 5-degree increments or so for the second & third steeps. I use 2 rounded teaspoons for a 12 oz. cup, but you can get a full-flavored tea with less than that. I steep for thirty seconds for the first and second steeps, and 20 seconds for the third. You can get an even more delicious, richer taste with a longer first steep, but keep in mind that what you add to the first steep you subtract from the second. My only problem with the first steep is that it is so delicious I can hardly help but gulp it down. This tea is a phenomenal value. Know any friends who deserve to taste a top-flight fukamushi sencha before they die? THIS is the tea to get them. OTOH, be aware of the profound risk of addiction.

Steve Onorato

I initially bought this because in America we like Green Tea smoothies. I also started using it as a daily drinker for added health benefits. It can be a little bitter for the beginner, but if you can get past that, it is an excellent tea. Bright green color, with a strong flavor; as stated before, bitter but with a hint of sweetness on the back end. I bought this as a poor mans matha, and because I didn't want to spend money on quality matche for smoothies.