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This is how it works: 

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Buy 3 items and Receive Discounts!

Let’s say that you buy three (x3) cans of Classic Matcha Tea, and then you also buy one (x1) bag of Fuji Gyokuro. Because you purchased three of the same item (in this case, Classic Matcha Tea) your whole shopping cart receives the bulk discount. This helps you to save money and time.


Buy 10 items and Get one Free!

If you buy any 10 items regardless tea products or tea accessories, you get one free that is lowest price among of your purchase or equivalent product. Let's say that you buy one(x1) Classic Matcha Tea, two(x2) Fukamushi Sencha Classic, two(x2) Imperial Silver Sencha, one(x1) Yame Gyokuro, one(x1) Sencha Teabag, two(x2) Sakuracha, one(x1) Genmaicha, Because you purchased total of 10 items, you get one extra of the lowest priced item or equivalent product Free (in this case, Sakuracha). You purchased only 10 items and receive one more item Free!

Even more savings...

Above two bulk discount program can be combined so if you buy one item three(x3) or more, you receive a bulk discount on all of your items in shopping cart and if you buy 10 or more items, you get one Free, too!



The perfect package for you!

Our teas are packed in convenient sizes, with 30, 50, 70, 80 and 100 gram packages. One only uses 2 grams of Matcha per cup and 5 grams of tea per pot. So, as you can gather, these smaller packages mean that you can enjoy the freshest cup of tea anytime you want to drink some.

All of our teas come to you stored in nitrogen-filled packages, which helps maintain the freshness of your tea until you are ready to use it. As nitrogen protects the tea from oxidation, it keeps the tea from losing its flavor on its way to you, and while it stays on your shelf. It is important to note, however, that once the package is open oxidation begins, which causes the tea to start losing its flavor. So, while the tea can certainly remain tasty for a long time if it is stored properly, we can only guarantee that it will remain at its best for the first two weeks after you open the package. Would you like to know more about how to handle and store your tea? Where to store Japanese tea leaves.

store green tea in fridge

Stock up on your favorite teas, and save your money!

As you can see, by buying multiple packages you save money through our bulk discounts. However, we offer two ways to save, first with the bulk discount and second with our free shipping!

We offer free shipping to Canada and the USA on all of our orders of $85 USD and above. Also, by doing this you also save your time, which is as valuable as your money! As our nitrogen sealed bags keeps the tea fresh, you could buy many bags and still have them be as fresh as the day you bought them.

We suggest, however, if you do want to keep your tea at its very freshest that you put them in the fridge or freezer. When wanting to use it, please remember to wait for the tea to be at room temperature before opening the bag! Tea lasts a very long time if you store it properly.
Buy bulk and store your extra tea for the future – to save time, money and the environment!


Take advantage of our free shipping!

We offer free shipping on every order of $85 USD or more ( this applies only to orders from the USA and Canada, sorry).

Tea lasts a long time if stored properly, so take advantage of our free shipping and buy in bulk, saving your teas for the very moment that you want to use it. This saves your time, money and the environment!

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