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Organic Aged San-nen Bancha Roasted Green Tea 100g (3.5oz)

Our Organic San-nenn Bancha is produced in Nara prefecture, aged up to three years to enrich its taste and health benefits.
Tea leaves are from later harvests in the autumn and winter and processed a half way through till "Aracha" stage then kept in a cool storage for up to 3 years for ripening. This ripening process oxidize, breaks down tannins of tea and mild the tea taste. It is roasted at the end of process therefore the appearance is similar to Hojicha roasted tea.
The difference between Hojicha and San-nen Bancha is whether the tea is processed right away or ripened. The both of teas are known for mild and low in caffeine though Aged San-nen Bancha is milder and almost free of caffeine.

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