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Traditional Japanese Tea Online Store - CHADO TEA HOUSE

The Premier Online Japanese Tea Shop

Established in 2005, we are the premier source for all of your Japanese tea needs. Our dedication to Japanese tea has enabled us to reach many of the most reputable tea farms in Japan.

We never cease looking for tasty Japanese teas for our customers. There are many tea estates within Japan, each with its own flavor and specialty. We taste and test each one to ensure the best product for you. Unlike many other Japanese tea stores, our selection is not limited by one tea estate or growing area. Because the specialty of each tea estate varies, we draw our product from multiple areas.

Our high quality tea products and services should meet and exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a basic selection of high-quality tea, you should look to our Chado Classic series, which has the highest grade of standard Japanese green tea. We set our standards very high, so that you will be pleasantly surprised every time. Our passion is to bring to you the most premium, rare, and seasonal teas, and we often have new to offer you. All of our teas arrive monthly to ensure that you we are giving you the freshest Japanese green tea!

Our dedication to Japanese Tea

Our online store is also source of Japanese tea knowledge and information, how to prepare, store Japanese tea.

We provide the best Japanese teas available in the markets, we guide you for successful Japanese tea brewing.

We carefully monitor inventory to avoid over stock situation. New shipment is coming every month and stored in temperature controlled refrigerator to maintain freshness.

We listen. We always think if we were customer… We would like to set our selections and operations based on customer’s view. We very much appreciate customer feedback so let us know your wish!

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For our American customers, we send our truck across the border to ship using USPS within the US, in order to assure fast delivery to your door.

If you haven’t received your order within 10 business days in the US or Canada, please contact us immediately.

where does our tea come from?

There are many Japanese tea shops, however many of them are limited to one or two producing regions, and their selection is limited as a result. In comparison, our company only purchases the very best tea from several tea farms in many regions, including multiple farms in Shizuoka and Kyushu, and in the deep south of Japan including Kagoshima, Yame, Ureshino and many more.

Shizuoka produces almost half of the total tea product in Japan. Their long history in tea growing and crafting has created some of the most memorable and flavorful teas in Japan. This is shown on store shelves as many of the most valuable and premium forms of Sencha tea comes from Shizuoka.

While Kagoshima is not as well-known as Shizuoka, they have a very high quality tea, and account for the second highest level of production of Japanese green tea.

Hoshinomura village, Yame (Fukuoka pref.) produces supreme gyokuro that known among Gyokuro tea lovers.

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Our Tea Selections

Our Chado Classic line is our standard selection for those looking for a casual, everyday tea which exceeds expectations! We set our standards high to ensure the best products with the best prices! Our specialties are seasonal, premium and rare teas. We review our selection to ensure that we always have the perfect tea for the perfect season.

Listed below you will find our tea categories:

Please review our teas!

We are very proud of our teas, and would always like to hear from you on your experience. This is why on every one of our product pages we offer the opportunity to review our products. Feel free to write a review and share your experience with others! We always appreciate your feedback.

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Customer Testimonials!

We always do our best to achieve 100% satisfaction. Please tell us how we are doing. Your comments will be heard and appreciated, and will got to helping us improve, and letting new visitors to our website know about us.
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